Choose Your Journey

HSA/ FSA Eligible 

Personal Health Consulting

For people who are driven to change their lives long term. These individuals want to learn about their body, health, and how to make lasting changes. This is great for people who are planning to have surgery, training for large fitness goals, or tired of not getting long term change.

Duration: One Year

Visit Count: Unlimited

What’s Included

– Discovery Sessions

– Strategic Planning

– Habit Changes

– Accountability

– Physical Therapy

– Training Program Reviews

– Everything Below

$4,799/Annually       or       $399/ Month

Spots are limited: Ask Dr. Kinch

Custom Physical Therapy

For people who are looking to address pain or limitation within their life and require more than one session. I value both your and my time. Price will be determined after the evaluation based on how much time we will spend between the visits prepping. 

What’s Included

– Physical Therapy

– Identification of Root Cause

– Direct access to Dr. Kinch

– Custom exercises with progression

– Education on situation

Expected Rate: $175 – $200

Pay in full or 0% interest monthly payments.

Recovery Drop In

To have access to Dr. Kinch for check ins, recovery work, or one off physical therapy visits. Ideal for people not ready to make an investment or have already gone through programing and need continued care. 

30 Min: $75