Golf Mobility Program

Improve your golf game now with my fantastic program

What is the purpose?

  • Improve your hip mobility
  • Improve your spine mobility
  • Reduce low back pain
  • Play for longer
  • Start loose & stay loose
  • Increase your distance
  • And More…

A Glimpse

What You Get

  • Four hour sessions with Dr. Tyler
    • One TPI Golf Evaluation
    • Three follow up sessions
  • One Golf Forever Swing Trainer
  • Personalized Warm Up Routine

The Program

  • Phase 1: Assisted Mobility
  • Phase 2: Active Mobility
  • Phase 3: Resisted Mobility
  • Phase 4: Golf Training & Warmup
An image of the golf forever swing trainer with all of its attachments.

Client Testimonial

About Me

Dr. Tyler Kinch is a performance based physical therapist

Dr. Tyler

“My Grandpa taught me the game of golf and the joy it brings to people. He aLao inspired me to live a meaningful life that impacts those around me. I use physical therapy as a tool to help my clients play the game of golf as long as possible. So they can also find joy and share it with those around them.”

My Process

1. Recognize

I find the root cause of the problem oppose to treating the symptoms. I spend time learning how the body responds to the treatment plan and the best course of treatment.

2. Restore

The body is creative at compensating to avoid pain. This can create bad habits. Here we focus on removing your pain and restoring the optimal mechanics of your body.

3. Rebuild

Once we have a great foundation, it’s time to rebuild your tissue. By strengthening and reinforcing proper body mechanics to ensure the pain never returns.


Natalie Topalian
Natalie Topalian
February 7, 2024
Tyler is great to work with! He’s a fantastic listener, super knowledgeable, and I especially appreciate how personable and proactive he is with checking in on my progress and to see how I’m feeling and how the exercises he gave me are helping. He even sent a thank you card to my house which was such a nice touch! I highly recommend working with Tyler if you want a physical therapist who is invested in their clients and takes the time to deliver highly personalized care.
Ben Borisch
Ben Borisch
February 1, 2024
Tyler helped me identify the source of long term back and hip pain that was making it hard to work out. He gave me some easy to do exercises which fixed the problem completely. I had tried a lot of different exercises, stretches, PT and chiropractic care with no lasting results. This was different. I was even able to do pullups for the first time in years. Tyler is also great and checking to see how you are doing and genuinely cares about your health. I highly recommend him.
denise kanoza
denise kanoza
January 30, 2024
I was elated when I left from my visit with Dr. Tyler. Just doing the exercises he gave me during my consultation made me feel amazingly better. He is knowledgeable and I feel confident that with his help, I can only continue to improve.
Joseph House
Joseph House
January 19, 2024
I am a chiropractor and have found it difficult in the past finding a physical therapist that takes such a detailed approach to their care. Dr. Kinch has treated my wife in the past and I was extremely impressed. His focus isn’t only on pain relief, but investigating as to why there is pain in the first place. He then gives great recommendations on how to fix the underlying issue so the problem can be resolved long term. Highly recommend!!
Kolbe Schmidt
Kolbe Schmidt
January 13, 2024
Tyler showed my stretches on how to fix my lower back and hip, ever since then, my pain has almost completely gone away
Alyssa Sebesky
Alyssa Sebesky
January 12, 2024
Dr. Kinch was extremely helpful and down to Earth for my physical therapy experience. He is flexible in scheduling and offers any additional tips and explanation necessary for understanding. After having tried deep tissue massage and chiropractic, I was in need of resolution. Dr. Kinch was able to provide that! I would highly recommend him if you are in any type of pain.
Antwain Wilson
Antwain Wilson
January 10, 2024
Great to work with. Walks you through potential issues and helps you target the specific areas that may be the cause. The best in my opinion. I've worked with lots of PT and this guy/place is by far the top. Highly recommend
January 9, 2024
Such a knowledgable and caring PT! He really cares about the pain you're experiencing and will do everything he can to truly help you, not just swipe your card. Highly recommend to anyone in pain.
Alexis Brannan
Alexis Brannan
November 20, 2023
Working with Tyler has been great. He really knows his stuff, is super focused on my personal health goals, and creates workouts and plans to meet me exactly where I am.
Rosa Zapata
Rosa Zapata
November 15, 2023
Tyler took his time with me, he listened and addressed my concerns.