Myofascial Release Technique

Myofascial release is a term used in many different fields of the healthcare world. Physical therapist utilize a variety of techniques to release the tension within the fascia to help with pain management and mobility. They can use their hands or special tools to help release the tension found in this tissue.


The myofascia is a structure that is surrounds all the muscle fibers and bones within the body.  This is a web like structure that helps with structure and function of the body. Following injury or trauma this tissue can become stiff and ridged. Normally this tissue is relaxed and flexible allowing for motion.


Utilizing manual techniques to help reduce tension and restore normal function is a key pest of the healing process. Working on muscle flexibility or mobility in addition to myofascial release is key to returning to activity or prior level of function.

Dr. Tyler performing myofascial release on someone
Image of muscle fibers showing fascia layers