Physical Therapy Focus

The body is very complex and has a variety of systems all working together. It is because of this complexity that we can accomplish all of our life goals and tasks. Physical therapy focus can help you identify how we can help you accomplish those goals.

Image of tennis player holding knee after injury with physical therapy focus

Acute Injuries

When you initially injure yourself, this can be the most painful time of the process. I always set away time to get you in within 48 hours of initial injury. Don’t wait weeks for a doctors appointment only to be referred to PT after that. Whether you are in a time crunch for a sporting event or just looking to start the rehab process as soon as possible, give me a call.

Man holding his back with an x-ray image of the lumbar spine shown

Chronic Pain

Our bodies are very resilient and can compensate as necessary to complete daily tasks. This allows us to continue working, playing, or doing specific tasks, with pain or trauma to the body. Life becomes so busy we even just ignore the pain no matter how bad it is bothering us. However, there might be an easier solution than you think. Give me a call and let’s discuss what you are struggling with and how a physical therapy focus might be able to help you adjust your lifestyle.

Lady jumping on box after injury

Sports Performance

Many people believe physical therapist are only focused on treating pain or helping people who cannot be active. However, this is just not the case. I work closely with personal trainers, coaches, and gym owners to improve up one your performance level. The combination of your coaches training and my ability to help maximize your bodies function is a great to to improve your performance.

Image of lady stretching on yoga mat with chip wheel device

Injury Prevention

How well do you know your body and what it is suppose to do? The more knowledge you have of your body, recovery methods, and exercise programing the more you will reduce risk of injury. I am a resource for you whether you have a question about an ache or about your training with a physical therapy focus.

Man putting on Normatec legs recovery compression sleeves

Body Recovery

You put in the work so let me help you recover from that work. We will discuss the best practices for cool downs and exercises to do on your off days. We can plan out a recovery regiment with our supplies and prepare your body for the next practice or exercise session to maximize your progress.

Picture of healthy golfer without pain or limitation

Rotational Athletes

Do you play Golf, Pickleball, Tennis, Baseball, Softball, Hockey, Frisbee Golf? Rotation is such an amazing motion and requires many moving parts throughout the body to accomplish the task at hand. I specialize in golf but bring what I know about rotation to all sports that involve this motion. Be sure to reach out so we can make sure your training program is incorporating the proper movements.

Picture of runner without pain or injury

Running Health & Performance

Are you a runner and preparing for the big race? So am I! I enjoy training for marathons and know how taxing it can be for our body and legs to run long distances. Reach out to me to discuss what your coach is having you do and how we can optimize your body to complete the desired training. It is important to take care of your body as you continue to increase your training regiment.