What is Kinesio Tape (KT Tape)

Physical therapist use Kinesio tape as a tool to aid muscle movement or assist with pain. The tape is a thin, flexible material that can help relieve pain, reduce swelling, and provide tactile cueing for support. Depending on application will determine how the tape will be used.

When the tape is pulled with the muscle it can help stimulate muscle activation and cue muscles to turn on. The tape can also be used in the opposite direction of the muscle pull to help calm down overactive muscles. Finally, using the tape in a spider web like fashion can help with circulation. 

Kinesio tape can be used immediately after injury, for chronic issues, or during sport to help with athletic performance. The tape can be used just for sporting events or daily activity and can last for a few days before being removed. This is just one of many tools at the disposal of a physical therapist.

Dr. Tyler using KT tape to help treat patients lateral epicondylitis
Dr. Tyler using KT tape on lateral epicondylitis